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How to comprehensively optimize the ultrasonic flowmeter system? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 07, 2022

Describe the ultrasonic flowmeter system and perform language-level functional simulation on it. The key is the comprehensive work of the system. The main work at this stage is system comprehensive optimization and gate-level simulation. In this way, the comprehensive optimization process of this system can be divided into two steps: the first step is to convert the language into a gate circuit, the second step is gate-level optimization, and the second step is comprehensive optimization.

One is the overall optimization of the system.
In order to achieve the maximum timing requirements, the system needs to be comprehensively optimized. Therefore, system optimization is to find the best solution between speed and system area. The key to the optimal design is the setting of system constraints, which enables the optimal design to achieve the goals desired by the designer.

The second is gate-level simulation.
Compared with the wiring scheme, the gate level simulation after comprehensive optimization is also called pre-simulation. Similar to the current high-level synthesis tools, they can extract the HDL language file of the system [level description. In the document, not only the components required to complete the system function are included, but also the timing information about the ultrasonic flowmeter circuit. Connect this program with the aforementioned test benchmark program, and time series simulation can be realized. If you are not satisfied with the simulation results, you must modify the comprehensive optimization conditions or change the system structure.