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Orifce Plate Flowmeters (KF600)

Orifce Plate Flowmeters (KF600)

Illustrated as drawing 1,when the liquid pass through main hole’s plate,the pressure difference between front side and back side happens,there is a respondent function relation between the pressure difference and flow speed.Installing a small rotor flowmeter on the in-outlet of branch,i.e.to make that the flow volume through small rotor flowmeter is same to the volume through main pipe,therefore the flow volume’s data in main pipe can be read through buoy position and scale on small rotor flowmeter.The cut-off valve installed between measure pipe and indicator can make the flowmeter’s take-down or repair conveniently when the main pipe is being in normal working situation.

Temperature limit: Polyformaldehyde(POM): 0~100℃,
SS304: 0~120℃
Accuracy: ±2.5%
Max. working pressure:1.0MPa

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