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There are many benefits of orifice plate flowmeters Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 18, 2022

Flows in orifice plates are not completely linear. This causes irrecoverable pressure loss across the restriction and reduces the accuracy of flow measurements over time. The edges of the restriction bore can also become worn, causing poor readings. This is why the standards organizations are working to develop a universally accepted orifice flow equation.

Orifice plate flowmeters are widely used in various industries because they can be used to slow or restrict the flow rate. In addition, they are cost-effective, especially for larger line sizes. These flowmeters are known for their high turndown ratios, which can be as high as 4:1.

There are many benefits of orifice plate flowmeters. First of all, they are very versatile. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from general monitoring to closed-loop control. Furthermore, they can be used for custody-transfer applications. They are the most versatile flowmeters.

Another benefit of orifice plate flowmeters is their accuracy. It is possible to obtain the flow rate accurately because they use the physical laws of mass and energy. A traditional orifice plate flowmeter is based on a plate that has a hole concentric with the pipeline. This plate acts as the primary element for the meter and a differential pressure cell, which measures the flow of a fluid. The information from the differential pressure cell is then fed into a flow indicator or a flow computer. The information can be analyzed to determine the flow rate and can account for changes in fluid density.