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Troubles and solutions for turbine flow meters: Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 25, 2021

Error Occured:

1)In the process of instrument installation and connection, it is necessary to ensure that each link is accurate, including site inspection before installation, instrument wiring during installation, system grounding wire, etc. The control engineering network is copyrighted, so as to ensure that the detection is true Data can be output accurately.
2) For the running metering system, the method of "two-track metering control engineering network copyright, comparison and confirmation" and the "replacement method" can be used to confirm and eliminate the faults of the running metering instrument.
3) Regularly clean the instrument as a whole. If necessary, the sensor head of the instrument can be purged to avoid condensation of impurities at the sensor head. In the cold season, adding heating devices to the metering straight pipe section and the meter part is also beneficial to alleviate the condensation of impurities at the metering meter.
4) Regularly drain the pipes, especially the water in front of the straight pipe section, and set up a special person to discharge it regularly according to the specific situation, reduce the water in the metering pipe section as much as possible, and remove the pulsation in the fluid to the greatest extent.
5) Strengthen the management of the data of the turbine flowmeter metering system, set up a regular printing function, and analyze the operation of the meter based on the printing data and the production status.


1) Turbine flowmeters are not suitable for installation in strong vibration occasions. It is widely known by the users. However, in the occasions where the magnetic field changes frequently, the vortex flow sensor will detect a signal output higher than the normal value. Practice has proved that in a field with no gas flow, when the vortex flow sensor is in a changing magnetic field, the turbine flowmeter sensor will induce an error signal and output at the moment the magnetic field changes. When the change is over, the instrument is in a stable magnetic field. When, the meter will output a normal signal.
2) Coke oven gas has high temperature and high humidity when it leaves the factory, so there will be moisture in the gas transportation process. The gas flow drives the water to reciprocate, thus forming a pulsating flow. When the vortex flow sensor is in this fluid state, the output data fluctuates greatly, and it cannot reflect the production status at all.
3) Because the coke oven gas has many impurities and is easy to crystallize, the impurities condense on the sensor head, causing measurement inaccuracy. When the temperature rises, the impurities volatilize, the sensitivity increases, and the signal increases; on the contrary, it decreases. This causes data instability.
4) The crimping line is not solid during the wiring of the instrument, which causes the intermittent signal in the transmission process.
5) The ground wire of the meter does not meet the requirements of the specification, so that the 50Hz interference in the strong current enters. When the normal signal is higher than 50Hz, the normal signal will be output, otherwise, the wrong signal will be output.