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What are the characteristics of HQRS gas mass flow meters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 06, 2021

The HQRS flowmeter is based on the widely recognized thermal mass flow principle of gas mass flowmeters. It directly measures the thermal mass flow and displays the standard volume flow without temperature and pressure compensation.

HQRS is specially designed for harsh environments. The shell adopts IP67 protection level and can be used all-weather. The parts in contact with the gas are made of 316L stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant and can measure dirty gases with high impurity content. It has passed the explosion-proof certification and can measure explosive gases, such as Natural gas, hydrogen, biogas corrosive gases, such as biogas, furnaces, boilers, fuel and gas supply in industrial furnaces, and gas in coolers, as long as the mixing ratio and composition are known and the mixing ratio and composition are relatively stable, basically any mixture Gas can be measured. HQRS gas mass flow meters have powerful communication functions. In modern factories, the meters need to provide communication interfaces for factory automation systems. Hill's flowmeter not only supports the traditional 4-20 mA output and pulse output, but also supports various fieldbus interfaces, such as HART, MODBUS and M-BUS. The instrument is modular in design, so it is very easy to use other fieldbuses. At the same time, the HQRS gas mass flowmeter can also support Bluetooth communication. The VA450 display has a diameter of 95mm and a thickness of 114mm, which can be adjusted (rotated or inverted) according to the on-site environment; suitable for pipe diameters DN15-DN300, larger pipe diameters can be customized.

Product features of gas mass flowmeter:
HQRS gas mass flow meter directly measures mass flow and standard volume flow without pressure compensation. Applicable pipelines have a wide range of sizes. There are plug-in types suitable for large pipe diameters and pipeline types suitable for small pipe diameters. There are no moving parts. All and medium The materials of the contacted parts are all 316L stainless steel and durable shell protection, suitable for harsh outdoor applications. Use the wireless Bluetooth interface to change the sensor settings on-site. The screen displays the flow rate, consumption, medium temperature and diagnosis results. Two analog outputs [4-20mA] and One pulse output
Options: Fieldbus interface: HART, MODBUS, M-BUS
ATEX explosion-proof certification: II2GExdIICT4
Two-way measurement; flow adjustment