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What are the types of Gas Flow Meters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 19, 2022

The piezoelectric stress sensor is the most common type of gas flowmeter. These devices have high reliability and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 deg C to 250 deg C. They offer analog or digital pulse signal outputs. These flowmeters are easy to use with digital systems. This is the ideal type of flow meter. Regardless of the application, a piezoelectric flow meter will provide accurate measurement.

Coriolis flow meter
The Coriolis gas flowmeter is made of a tube that oscillates at an angular speed. The movement of the tubes is shown with arrows that represent fluid forces. The movement of the tubes is made possible by an excitor, which is located at the lowest part of the tube between the measurement sensors. The force of the fluid causing these movements is called the Coriolis force. The Coriolis force is a measurable force that's proportional to the mass of fluid flowing through the tube.

One of the benefits of a Coriolis gas flowmeter is its high accuracy. Typically, the accuracy of a Coriolis gas flowmeter is less than one percent, and its high rangeability makes it a very versatile instrument. Coriolis flow meters are also resistant to temperature, sulfates, and corrosion. They can measure both liquid-solid two-phase fluids and gases, as well as slurry and high-pressure gases.

Precession vortex flow meter
Intelligent liquid precession vortex Flowmeter is a kind of gas flow metre that collects flow, pressure and temperature. It can automatically compensate for temperature, which makes it an ideal gas measuring instrument. Its design is compact and easy to use, which is also the main reason why it is gaining wide acceptance. The instrument has no mechanical moving parts, and uses 16-bit computer chips to detect the pressure and temperature accurately. Its performance is also excellent and it is ideal for measuring the flow of gas.

The Vortex flow meter has two main features that make it suitable for various applications. First, it has a cut-off point that automatically clamps its output to zero when it is below a certain limit. Its range is dependent on the fluid density, which is between twelve and 230 gpm for a typical 2-inch vortex meter. A high-density fluid can limit the flow range, so the minimum flow rate must be twice the cut-off value.

Soap film bubble flow meter
The soap film bubble flow meter is a gas flow metric with a film-like structure. The flow tube contains a flow of gas and the film expands and contracts laterally until it contacts the top end of the flow tube. The film then bursts, leaving a residue, which is then collected in a trough 88. The overflow of the trough then falls through a drain tube 85.

Soap film bubble flow meter is also known as film flow metre. It is based on the inherent properties of the measuring apparatus. The film flow meter measures the flow rate of a liquid or a gas at a certain rate. Therefore, it is a highly accurate flow meter. As such, it has been the preferred method of measurement for many years. It is also very convenient for measuring different types of liquids, including acids, alcohol and water.