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What is the measuring range of the electromagnetic flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 28, 2020

The electromagnetic flowmeter has a large measuring range, usually 20:1~50:1, with a wide range of optional flow rates; the diameter range of the electromagnetic flowmeter is wider than other types of flow meters, from a few millimeters to 3 meters; it can measure positive and negative two-way flow , Can also measure the pulsating flow rate, as long as the pulsating frequency is much lower than the excitation frequency; the output of the meter is essentially linear; it is easy to choose the material variety of the fluid contact parts, and it can be applied to corrosive fluids. Since electromagnetic flowmeters have far more opportunities to measure suspended solids or dirt bodies than other flow meters, the probability of failure caused by the adhesion layer on the inner wall is relatively high. If the conductivity of the adhesion layer is similar to that of the liquid, the meter can still output signals normally, but the flow area is changed, forming a hidden fault of measurement error; if it is a high conductivity adhesion layer, the electromotive force between the electrodes will be short-circuited; if it is an insulating adhesion layer , The electrode surface is insulated to disconnect the measuring circuit. The latter two phenomena will make the meter unable to work.