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What is the reason for the error of the ultrasonic heat meter in the work? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 24, 2021

Ultrasonic heat meter is a non-contact instrument that can measure the flow of large-diameter media and media that are not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and there is almost no interference to various parameters of the measured medium. In particular, it can solve the flow measurement of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable media, and is not suitable for other instruments. So, what causes the inaccurate measurement of the ultrasonic heat meter?

The influence of pipeline parameter setting on the measurement accuracy of ultrasonic heat meter. The accuracy of pipeline parameter setting is closely related to the accuracy of measurement. If the pipe material and pipe diameter are inconsistent with the actual installation, there will be a large error between the theoretical pipe cross-sectional area and the actual cross-sectional area, resulting in inaccurate final results. In addition, the transmission distance between the ultrasonic flowmeter sensors is calculated based on the installation method of the fluid (sound velocity, dynamic viscosity), pipeline (material and size), sensor and other parameters. If the installation distance of the sensor is deviated, it will also cause Measurement error. The pipe setting and installation distance have a great influence on the measurement accuracy.

The influence of couplant on measurement accuracy. In order to ensure full contact with the pipe, when installing the sensor, it is necessary to coat the couplant evenly on the pipe surface, similar to the thickness (2mm--3mm). The air bubbles and particles in the couplant are released, so that the emitting surface of the sensor is closely connected to the tube wall. Most water meters are installed in the well. The surroundings are wet, sometimes wet. Generally, improper use of coupling agents will cause failure in a short time and affect measurement accuracy. Therefore, a special waterproof coupling agent should be used. The coupling agent should be used within the validity period, such as 18 months. To ensure measurement accuracy, the sensor must be reinstalled every 18 months, and the couplant must also be reinstalled.

The influence of the installation position of the ultrasonic heat meter sensor on the measurement accuracy. There are two ways to install the sensor: reflective and direct. If it is installed directly, the sonic travel is short and the signal strength can be improved.