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What should I do if the ultrasonic flowmeter finds that the meter has no flow signal output? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 02, 2021

The solution to the ultrasonic flowmeter finding that the meter has no flow signal output:
It is generally caused by the following reasons:
(1) The power supply of the meter is abnormal;
(2) The cable connection is not normal;
(3) The liquid flow condition does not meet the installation requirements;
(4) The sensor parts are damaged or there is an adhesion layer on the inner wall of the measurement;
(5) The converter components are damaged.

There are five methods to solve the above factors that cause the meter to have no flow and good output first.
(1) Confirm whether the power supply is connected, check whether the output voltage of the power supply circuit board is normal, or try to replace the entire power supply circuit board to judge whether it is good or bad.
(2) Check whether the cable is in good condition and whether the connection is correct.
(3) Check the direction of liquid flow and whether the liquid in the tube is full. For the electromagnetic flowmeter that can measure forward and backward, it can be measured if the directions are inconsistent, but the set display flow does not match the positive and negative directions and must be corrected. If the workload of disassembling the sensor is large, you can also change the direction of the arrow on the sensor and reset the display instrument symbol. The underflow of liquid in the pipeline is mainly caused by the improper installation position of the sensor. Measures should be taken during installation to avoid causing the liquid in the pipeline to be unfilled.
(4) Check whether the electrodes on the inner wall of the transmitter are covered with a liquid scarring layer. For measuring liquids that are prone to scarring, clean them regularly.
(5) If it is judged to be the fault caused by the damage of the converter components, replace the damaged components.