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Do you know the precautions of electromagnetic flowmeter installation? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 09, 2020

The electromagnetic flowmeter is simply composed of a flow sensor transmitter. The installation requirement of the electromagnetic flowmeter is that it must be installed at the lowest point of the pipeline or the vertical section of the pipeline, but it must be in the case of full pipe. The straight pipe section requires the first 5D and then 3D, so as to ensure the electromagnetic flowmeter. Use and accuracy requirements.
The measurement principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter does not depend on the characteristics of the flow rate. If there is a certain amount of turbulence and vortex in the pipeline in the non-measurement area (such as: elbow, tangential flow restriction or upstream half-open stop valve) Irrelevant. If there is a steady state eddy current in the measurement area, it will affect the stability and accuracy of the measurement. At this time, some measures should be taken to stabilize the flow velocity distribution:
1. Increase the length of the front and rear straight pipe sections
2. Use a flow stabilizer
3. Reduce the cross section of the measuring point.
Requirements for the external environment
1.1. The flowmeter should not be installed in places where the temperature changes greatly or is subject to high-temperature radiation from the equipment. If it must be installed, it must be insulated and ventilated.
1.2. The flowmeter is best installed indoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should be protected from rain, flooding and sun exposure, and moisture-proof and sun-proof measures should be taken.
1.3. The flowmeter should not be installed in an environment containing corrosive gas. When it is necessary to install, ventilation measures must be taken.
1.4. In order to facilitate installation, maintenance, and maintenance, ample installation space is required around the flowmeter.
1.5. The installation site of the flowmeter should avoid magnetic fields and strong vibration sources. If the pipeline vibrates greatly, there should be fixed pipe supports on both sides of the flowmeter.