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Electromagnetic flowmeter is skillfully used in petrochemical industry Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 01, 2019

With the rapid development of computer technology, the petrochemical instrumentation automatic control system has gradually developed into digital, networked, modeled, and intelligent. On the basis of developing existing information systems, petrochemical enterprises continue to deepen the comprehensive automation system of enterprises, strengthen the application of safety control systems, and improve the level of enterprise automation and advanced control to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.
How to make the electromagnetic flowmeter skillful in petrochemical industry
The application of new automatic detection and analyzer: the development of digital, intelligent, networked and miniaturized instrument systems at home and abroad has enabled petrochemical enterprises to improve the application level of automatic detection instruments.
In order to meet the requirements of fieldbus control systems, fieldbus transmitters have developed rapidly. This transmitter is all digital, simple in structure, and has higher resolution and stability than general intelligent transmitters. Due to the increasingly sophisticated fieldbus digital instrumentation products and the high reliability and interoperability (that is, the integration of different brands of products), more applications will be obtained in the petrochemical process control field.
In order to strengthen product quality management, petrochemical enterprises have also promoted the application of online analytical instruments. Electromagnetic flowmeters will directly affect the quality of petrochemical products and the level of advanced control applications. Therefore, they have been actively promoted by petrochemical systems, including online oil quality analyzers, online gas or liquid chromatographs and other physical property analyzers. .
The development of commercial trade at home and abroad requires an increase in the accuracy of the delivery of goods. The accuracy of mass flowmeters used in petrochemical factory measurement is ±0.1% or higher.
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