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Method for solving blur of glass rotor flowmeter Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 15, 2019

One of the characteristics of the glass material instrument is that the data results are clearly visible, which means that if we want to use the glass rotor flowmeter for measurement, we can easily observe the measurement results, and this is still very important for us. convenient. But it is precisely because it is made of glass, so its outer surface is also extremely vulnerable to varying degrees of damage, so that it is blurred, it is not convenient for us to use observation, then what should we deal with in such a situation?
When the blurring of its outer surface is not serious, and it is only caused by the appearance of dirty marks, we can solve the problem by simply wiping, but we need to pay attention to the use of a special rag, so Will not cause secondary damage. And if the blur is more serious, and we can't wipe it, then we need to consider replacing the instrument. At this time, choosing to replace the instrument is the best way to solve the problem, but we need to pay attention to the next time. Maintenance should be done in use. The instrument becomes blurred and natural is not conducive to our use, so we should solve the problem by certain methods, but the most direct way is to pay more attention to protect the instrument during normal times, so we naturally do not need to spend More energy to do the processing work.
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