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How to use electromagnetic flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 26, 2020

The electromagnetic flowmeter has two operating states: automatic measurement state and parameter setting state.
   When the meter is powered on, it automatically enters the measurement state. In the automatic measurement state, the electromagnetic flowmeter automatically completes each measurement function and displays the corresponding measurement data. In the parameter setting state, the user uses the four panel keys to complete the instrument parameter setting.
  1, key function
1.1 Key function in automatic measurement state
  Down key: cyclically select the content displayed on the bottom of the screen;
  Up key: Cycle selection of the upper display content on the screen;
   compound key + confirm key: enter the parameter setting state;
  Confirm key: return to automatic measurement state;
  In the measurement state, the contrast adjustment of the LCD display: small liquid crystal is achieved by pressing "composite key + up key" or "composite key + down key" for a few seconds; large liquid crystal is realized by adjusting the potentiometer on the back of the large liquid crystal.
  1.2 Key function in parameter setting state
  Down key: Decrease the number at the cursor by 1;
  Up key: add 1 to the number at the cursor;
   compound key + down key: the cursor moves to the left;
   compound key + up key: the cursor moves to the right;
  Confirm key: enter/exit the submenu;
  Confirm key: In any state, press continuously for two seconds to return to the automatic measurement state.
  Note: 1. When using the "composite key", you should first press the composite key and then press the "up key" or "down key" at the same time
   2. In the parameter setting state, if there is no key operation within 3 minutes, the meter will automatically return to the measurement state.
   3. To select the flow direction of flow zero point correction, you can move the cursor to the leftmost "+" or "—" and use the "up key" or "down key" to switch to the opposite of the actual flow direction.
   4. To select the flow unit, move the cursor to the flow unit originally displayed in the "Flow Range Setting" menu, and then use the "up key" or "down key" to switch to meet the needs.
  2, parameter setting function key operation
   To set or modify the electromagnetic flowmeter parameters, the flowmeter must enter the parameter setting state from the measurement state. In the measurement state, press the "composite key + confirm key" to display the state transition password (0000), according to the security level, according to the corresponding modification of the password provided by the manufacturer. After pressing the "composite key + confirm key" again, it will enter the required parameter setting state.