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Paddle wheel flow meters are available in a variety of materials Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 09, 2022

Flow meters, also known as paddle wheel flowmeters, are devices that measure the speed and velocity of liquids or water in pipelines. They are used in a variety of industries such as aquaculture, irrigation, and swimming pools. These devices also provide the ability to monitor temperature and pH/ORP. They are generally compatible with a wide variety of media, including clean, aggressive, and neutral liquids. They are a low-cost option for a variety of water system applications.

These flow meters are usually non-invasive, meaning that they are inserted into a pipe fitting. The flow meter produces a frequency and voltage signal proportional to the rate of flow in the pipe. This signal can then be sent to a flow controller, which can convert it into a flow rate and other variables. The processed signal can be used to open and close valves, start and stop pumps, and more. It can also trigger an alarm to indicate that a flow rate is too low or too high in a particular system.

Paddle wheel flow meters are a popular solution for measuring liquids, such as water, chemicals, or non-toxic substances. They are highly adaptable to a wide variety of media, but they are not suitable for slurries. Particles may slow or block the paddle wheel, causing it to spin slowly or not at all. Therefore, it is important to maintain a consistent flow stream across the diameter of the pipe.

Paddle wheel flow meters are available in a variety of materials, including plastics, stainless steel, and aluminum. They can be installed in pipe fittings ranging from 1/2" to 8". They are designed to work with pipes that are schedule 40 or 80. Some models are also available in a saddle-mount configuration, which can fit schedule 40 or 80 pipe.