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What are the advantages of an Orifice Plate Flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 16, 2022

An orifice plate flowmeter is a differential pressure flow metre which is used for measuring clean gas, liquid, and stream mass flows. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for measuring the flow of liquids and gases in a range of pipe sizes. They are widely used in the chemical, aviation, and petrochemical industries. The orifice plate flowmeter has numerous advantages and is approved by most standards bodies.

Flow measurements by an orifice plate flowmeter depend on several variables. The accuracy of the device depends on whether the square edge remains sharp and the pressure gradient remains the same. Partially blocked orifices may also change the flow profile or pressure gradient, which will cause errors. This can occur in the sensing line from the orifice to the transmitter or pressure gauge. Therefore, the orifice plate flowmeter should be installed in a position where the flow pattern in the pipe is clear and free of turbulence.

An orifice plate flowmeter offers significant cost benefits over other flowmeters. It is particularly useful in large pipe sizes, where the smallest size allows the meter to measure larger volumes. Its ruggedness and reliable performance make it the most popular flowmeter type. A typical orifice plate flowmeter can handle flow rates of up to 4:1.