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What are the application characteristics of rotary vortex flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 02, 2022

Rotary vortex flowmeter is a developing velocity type gas flowmeter, which is more suitable for measuring economic conditions than proper humidity, and will not cause instrument failures such as jamming. If the instrument shows that the enterprise is normal, the air volume of the microcomputer and the printer increases greatly. The reason for the failure is that the signal line is short-circuited to the ground, so that the strong interference control signal directly enters the microcomputer. Due to the interference and the signal can participate in the operation, the air volume is abnormal.

This fault point attack mostly occurs at the connection of the explosion-proof hose instrument. This is because the inlet wire hole of the instrument is relatively thin. When the cable passes through the instrument hole, the outer skin is damaged, and it can work normally after replacing the thin wire. The microcomputer does not appear for two reasons: First, check whether the remote signal line at the end of the instrument can be connected to the ground line.

If the inverter is working on the instrument; the two center cables confirm that the signal is off. Keywords: precession vortex flowmeter; eddy current; one meter; field representation Using natural gas for multiple moisture measurements, high oil content and gas composition, water content, sand content, etc. limit the selection of measuring instruments.

The precession type vortex flowmeter is a kind of development velocity type gas passing flowmeter. There are no moving parts inside it, so it can measure the economic situation with a suitable humidity, and there will be no instrument failures such as sudden jams. The principle of one measurement is that when the gas does not pass through the inlet of the flowmeter, the gas environment produces a strong vortex. After the vortex is formed, the vortex in the passing area is accelerated. When it reaches the information diffusion area, the vortex is accelerated violently. When the pressure continues to rise, it will affect the backflow. , forcing the vortex technology center flow to move forward from its original position.