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What are the characteristics of various clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 01, 2021

1. Micro power consumption, digital design. The whole machine adopts micro-power hardware and software design, and carries out digital transmission, digital reception and digital analysis of ultrasonic signals, achieving the most advanced digital design, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 0.3W. The power consumption of the battery-powered machine is only 0.2mW.

2. Excellent measurement and management functions. Advanced analysis and calculation techniques are used in software design to ensure accurate measurement functions. In addition, advanced management functions are designed. This series of instruments can check the operating data of the instruments at any time in the previous ten years at any time.

3. Flexible maintenance performance. The use of commutation adaptive technology enables this series of instruments to automatically eliminate the zero-point error in the measurement process, and can replace the converter and sensor at will during the maintenance process, without affecting the measurement accuracy.

4. Chinese characterization technology. The data input and measurement process of the instrument are all displayed in Chinese characters, so that the operator can operate without using the manual.

5. Plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter: can be installed and maintained without stopping production. Using ceramic sensors, use our company's special drilling device for non-stop production installation. Generally, it is a single channel measurement. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, three channels can be selected.

6. Pipe-segment ultrasonic flowmeter: The pipeline needs to be cut for installation, but the production can not be stopped for future maintenance. You can choose a single-channel or three-channel sensor.

7. External clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter: It can complete fixed and mobile measurement. Use special coupling agent (room temperature curing silicone rubber or high temperature long-chain polymer grease) to install, and the pipeline will not be damaged during installation.