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What industry is suitable for gas mass flow meters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 08, 2021

1. Petroleum and natural gas industry, energy exchange; gas metering; natural gas measurement; well filling gas recovery; leak gas testing; flare gas monitoring;

2. Food and pharmaceutical industries, ventilation systems; carbon dioxide treatment in breweries; gas flow measurement during thermal oxidation; boiler air intake, exhaust gas, and process control; fresh air in the processing operation; hot air in the bottle sterilizer flow.

3. Pulp and paper industry, flue flow monitoring; boiler recovery secondary/tertiary air; boiler gas and air supply measurement; waste water treatment system gas measurement.

4. Chemical industry, ammonia gas measurement in fertilizer plants; flue gas circulation monitoring; gas flow measurement in sampling systems; various gas flow measurement in battery factories; gas flow measurement of induced draft fans.

5. Electric power industry, hydrogen measurement; gas measurement in gas furnaces; gas measurement in the process of gas distribution in fuel systems; measurement of primary air and secondary air in blast furnaces of power plants; measurement of various gases in boilers and auxiliary systems.

6. Public works-monitoring of electricity, gas, and water treatment, biogas, coal gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, general systems, pipeline gas, boiler preheated air

7. Measurement of coke oven gas in metallurgical industry, coking plant; gas filling measurement in iron and steel plant; measurement of blast furnace gas in ironworks; control of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in heat treatment quenching furnace; heating furnace gas in rolling mill (blast furnace gas) , Coking gas, natural gas, etc.) measurement control.