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What are the common faults of boiler steam flow meters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 17, 2020

Boiler steam flowmeter may have measurement errors due to on-site vibration, installation or parameter setting. We can check the specific faults according to the specific fault conditions. Then, what are the common faults of steam flowmeters? What?
The flow rate of the flowmeter on the site changes greatly. First check whether the straight sections of the front and back of the lower pipeline meet the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it is recommended to change the installation location; then check whether there is electromagnetic interference on the site; and then see if the flow rate on the site is lower than the lower limit of the flowmeter.
No signal at the scene. Check whether the flowmeter is in the power-on state; whether the flowmeter reaches 4-20mA of the starting signal point. The actual flow rate increases, but the data displayed by the flowmeter is decreasing. This is the reason for the working conditions and can help customers find the problem on site. The actual flow rate decreases, but the data displayed by the flowmeter is increasing. It should be that there is vibration on site or the gasket is not installed to the center of the pipeline during installation. You can advise the customer to reinstall.
The flowmeters of the same working condition are inconsistent, and the difference is large. Check whether the direction of the lower pipeline is correct; whether the parameters of the flow meter have been modified; check whether the flow rate is too small; and check whether the temperature and pressure compensation has failed.
The flowmeter of 4-20mA output is inconsistent with the system display. Check whether the unit set by the parameter is consistent, or whether the range is consistent; whether the 4-20mA output cable is too long and produces excessive loss. The flow rate displayed by the steam flow meter is very different from the actual one. A large part of the reason is the problem of parameter setting unit.