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Why use volumetric gas flowmeter for gas measurement? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 10, 2020

The volumetric flowmeter can calculate the cumulative flow within a certain period of time based on the known number of slewing volume filling and emptying cycles divided by the internal mechanical moving parts. Since the volumetric flowmeter is not sensitive to the flow state of the fluid during use , So it has a higher accuracy. The volumetric gas flow meter can be used to measure the gas flow with high accuracy requirements. So, what are the advantages of volumetric gas flow meters in measuring gas flow?
1. High measurement accuracy. The volumetric flowmeter is not affected by the change of the fluid state or the size of the Reynolds number. It can generally measure the flow rate of various gas media except for dirty gas and some special gases.
2. The measurement range is wide. Due to the continuous improvement of our design, manufacturing and inspection level, the range ratio will decrease when measuring with high accuracy.
3. The direct reading flow meter can directly obtain the total gas flow without external energy, which is very convenient to use.
4. The temperature and pressure compensation type integrated intelligent volumetric gas flowmeter has functions such as automatic volume conversion and standard state total display output, which makes the volumetric flow measurement of the gas state more accurate.
5. Easy installation. The installation pipeline conditions have almost no influence on the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter, so the requirements on the straight pipe sections before and after are not high.
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