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What are the selection steps and methods of turbine flowmeters? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 27, 2022

1. Identify measurable objects.

2. Select the type. According to the physical properties of the fluid, the gaseous and liquid states are selected from the gaseous state and the liquid state respectively, which cannot be used universally. When the viscosity of the liquid is greater than 5 mPa·s in the running state, the high-viscosity type should be selected. Acid resistance selection for acid corrosion liquids.

According to the environmental conditions, according to the ambient temperature, humidity, etc., choose the appropriate instrument, if there is flammable gas around, you should choose the explosion-proof sensor.

According to the choice of pipeline connection, the sensor can be installed in two ways: horizontal and vertical. Horizontally installed pipeline connection methods include flange connection, threaded connection and clip-on connection. Select flange connection for middle diameter, threaded connection for small diameter, and clamp connection for high pressure pipeline. Threaded connection only for vertical installation.

3. Select the specification. According to the on-site use conditions, such as flow range, pipe diameter, fluid pressure and temperature, installation position, etc. and performance requirements, such as accuracy, repeatability, display mode, etc., refer to the manufacturer's sample selection or reference manual selection, or may not be found. Appropriate model, had to choose another model.