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What is the application of flowmeter in oilfield system? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 15, 2020

Oil field is a very wide-ranging industry that uses flowmeters. It is mainly used to measure, count and analyze oil production and measure the daily production of oil wells. Flow meter measurement is helpful for timely understanding of oilfield development and changes in oil well reservoirs. The data measured by the flowmeter is used to analyze changes in oil and gas production, so that oilfield development policies can be further planned.
Among the many flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters and mass flowmeters are more widely used. In oilfield flow measurement, the original incoming liquid obtained by oil production is divided into three parts through a three-phase separator, and part of them pass through a regulating valve to a gas station , Part of it goes to the settling tank through the electromagnetic flowmeter, and part goes to the buffer tank through the mass flowmeter.
The oil-water mixed liquid is collected by the mass flowmeter sensor to the flow rate, temperature and density parameters in the oil pipe and sent to the processor, and the related parameters of the collected crude oil and water are analyzed and calculated through the relevant algorithm to realize the oil-water metering system Monitoring.
In view of the high density and heavy material waste problems common in deep wells, the data collected by the flowmeter sensor can be changed, and then the control system process can be established through computer output control to improve the recovery rate of heavy materials and save the cost of materials.