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What kind of flow meter is used for farmland irrigation? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 08, 2020

Irrigated field electromagnetic flowmeters are usually used for farmland irrigation. Here are some advantages of non-full pipe electromagnetic flowmeters.
Low frequency square wave excitation, excitation frequency: 1/16 power frequency;
The excitation current can be selected as 50mA, 100mA;
Velocity measurement range: 0.01 --- 20 m/s, velocity resolution: 1 mm/s;
DC 12V switching power supply, voltage application range: 12VDC --- 30VDC;
DC 3.6V switching power supply, voltage application range: 3.6VDC
Network function: MODBUS (RTU), TTL level;
Chinese and English display mode, (English reserved);
Can be customized with positive and negative measurement, and record separately: the total number of forward and reverse total display ten digits;
It can be used for flow measurement of open non-full pipe (round pipe, rectangular pipe or other special-shaped pipe);
It can be used for continuous measurement of municipal rainwater, wastewater, sewage discharge and irrigation water pipelines;
It can realize forward and reverse bidirectional flow measurement;
The sensor can work reliably for a long time under the harsh site and sewage water quality;
The wide measuring range of flow velocity is 0.05-10m/s;
The flow measurement accuracy is high, and it is not affected by factors such as downstream water, tributary water and blockage;
The straight pipe section of the measuring pipeline is required to be short;
Large screen, backlit LCD display, can read the measurement data clearly under strong light or at night;
The instrument display and output functions are complete, which can display data such as instantaneous flow rate, flow rate, cumulative flow rate, and has computer communication interfaces 232, 485 (optional);
With GSM and GPRS wireless data remote transmission function (optional);
Nominal diameter: round pipe DN100~DN6000;
Rectangular pipe width ≤ 6m depth ≤ 6m.