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What should be paid attention to in the measurement of electromagnetic flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 19, 2022

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a relatively common flowmeter. There are many types of structures and installation methods. The structure forms include integral type and split type. The installation methods include flange type installation, screw type installation and belt type installation. There are also many kinds of measuring electrodes. Electrodes such as tantalum, copper, and titanium are suitable for different measurement media.

1. If there is a valve near the upstream of the installation point of the sensor, do not close the valve. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the life of the sensor, and it is easy to cause permanent damage to the sensor. Do not install sensors on long, overhead pipes. The sagging of the sensor can easily lead to the leakage of the seal between the sensor and the flange. Therefore, when it must be installed, pipe fastening devices must be installed upstream and downstream of the sensor.

2. The electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is installed vertically, and the fluid flows from bottom to top to meet the mixing state of solid-liquid and liquid. This is because solid substances (sand, pebbles, etc.) tend to settle in the medium. In addition, when weeds are in the pipeline, the output of the flowmeter will sway, and the weeds hanging near the electrode will sway back and forth, which will also make the output of the flowmeter unstable.

In order to prevent improper operation of pipeline settings, there must be negative pressure in the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor. When closing the upstream and downstream valves of the flowmeter at the same time, when the fluid temperature is higher than the air temperature, it will shrink after cooling, so it must be controlled.