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Mini Electromagnetic Flowmeters (KF700MF)

Mini Electromagnetic Flowmeters (KF700MF)

Performance Feature|
Diameter: DN2~DN25
Electrodes: 316L
Medium: conductivity liquids
Medium :≥5μs/cm , softener water≥ 20μs/cm
Accuracy: ±2.0%RS
Velocity of flow: 0.3m/s -10m/s
Working temp.: -10°C~+60°C
Working pressure: 0.6MPa~1.0MPa
Protection: IP67
Output Signal: Pulse/Frequency
Power: 24VDC
Installation:compact, remote with LCD
Body material: Aluminium

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  • KF700M series Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter is our new developed low flow flowmeter with latest technologies, there are no moving parts, no mechanic wear, compact size design and easy installation. It is an alternative of Paddle Wheel Flowmeter when measuring waste water or dirty liquids. And suitable for continuously flow measurement on wide range of applications. 24V DC power supply and pulse output, also can be pre-configured at factory for any special flow measurement.
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