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How to use electromagnetic flowmeter? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 08, 2020

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow measurement for conductive fluid medium. It has a wide range of application fields, such as food, metallurgy, manufacturing, paper making and other industries. In the use of electromagnetic flowmeter, you need to understand the following points.
Installation method of electromagnetic flowmeter
The installation method of electromagnetic flowmeter includes flange, clamp, thread, etc., but the common installation method is flange installation, and some points need to be paid attention to during installation.
(1) The installation position of the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed according to the actual needs on site, but the electrode axis must be installed horizontally.
(2) The electromagnetic measuring tube must be completely filled during the working hours on site.
(3) The flow direction of the measured medium should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the electromagnetic flowmeter.
(4) Installation check: After the installation, check whether the pipeline is installed correctly and whether the connections are reliable, especially the inspection of the ground wire.
(5) Power-on preheating: After the electromagnetic flowmeter is powered on, preheat it for 20 minutes, and the electromagnetic flowmeter can normally measure normally.
(6) Zero tracking: To ensure the accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter, zero tracking is required. When the measuring tube of the electromagnetic flowmeter is filled with medium, zero calibration can be performed and then saved (confirmed).
How to use the electromagnetic flowmeter, I believe many small partners know very well, most of them are operated according to the user manual, of course, there is no need to check.